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Shooter’s Supply Gun Shop Sales and Services


Large Inventory of handguns, hunting and AR style rifles and shotguns.

Ammunition for personal defense hunting and sport shooting. We have attractively priced range safe ammo and unlimited members receive a 10% discount on all range ammunition.

Accessories include gear to support all the guns we sell in the shop.

  • Magazines, Holsters, Cases, Purses,
  • Cleaning Supplies, Ammo Boxes, Loaders
  • Scopes and Optics, Targets
  • AR Lowers & Uppers
  • Non-Lethal Protection Products

Transfers in from and out to out-of-town dealers along with background checks are welcome. Transfers are $40.00 each long gun and $25.00 for each handgun. Background checks are $10.00 per purchase of up to three firearms. To get more information on transferring a firearm, click on the “FirearmTransfer” link on the above menu. 

Special orders are welcome: 
Let us know what you’re looking for and we will look for the best price and availability.